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Who needs a windshield if you can have an e-rod?

If you think of automotive countries you're probably thinking of Germany, France, and the USA. These are automotive giants with several iconic brands. Sadly, the country we live in hasn't spawned any big automotive projects that have been successful. Little Switzerland has a lot of things to its name, but not cars. We're glad to say though, that they've made a car! But it's not made by people that you might think. Unlike Denmark with Zenvo or Croatia with Rimac, Switzerland hasn't produced a 1000+ horsepower hypercar worth several million. They designed something made for fun and it's made by the same people that produce electric vehicles for the elderly and tricycles for the swiss post. Let us introduce Kyburz, a small manufacturer based in Embrach, Zurich, not too far from the German Border. They produce the Kyburz e-rod, a small electric two-seater sportscar. No windshield, no power steering, no airbags, and no more than 60 horsepower and 600kg. That's a power to weight ratio of 100 horsepower per tonne. The 19.2kWh battery has a range of approximately 180 km and we used it all. The e-rod is probably the most fun we've had in a car and it proves that power isn't everything. We prefer lightweight over sheer power. And when you weigh 600kg, you don't need a lot of power to get moving. It takes a little under 10 seconds to reach 100km but considering the top speed is 120km/h, that's rather impressive! There are so many fun quirks about the e-rod, Doug de Muro would love it! It has no speedo, rather a screen in the middle that shows all the controls and your charge. There is a sort of "sport-mode" that sharpens throttle response and drastically changes the acceleration. The seats have a center-locking seatbelt with harnesses and you even get a literal suitcase in the back to store your registration and your charging cable. Included in the price are goggles that you need because there isn't a windshield. The design itself is reminiscent of the Ariel atom or even the BAC Mono, with an exoskeleton and small panels covering the most sensible parts like the electric motors and wheels. But otherwise, it's pretty naked. You can clearly see the steering rack, the suspension and you can easily stick your hand into all the little holes. Overall the e-rod is a fantastic feat of some crazy swiss engineering, something you wouldn't expect from people that make tricycles for old people. The e-rod is the purest driving experience in the world, it's not even a car, it's registered as a quad-bike and it drives like an oversized go-kart. The power goes to the back wheels only but just imagine an all-wheel-drive version of this thing! We're planning to test the e-rod for an extended period to show you hilarious tests for everyday use, so stay tuned for that. Our verdict is that the e-rod is the most unnecessary car in the world but also the most fun we've had ever! We need one, we want one!


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