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The Offroader for Adventurers

Volvo's cross-country badge (also known as XC) is synonymous with off-roading. The badge was first used on the V70 XC, a more rugged version of the V70 estate. Nowadays, two models get the cross-country treatment from Volvo. The V90 and V60. There have been speculations on whether Volvo will pursue the cross-country program. But luckily it is being continued on the V60 for 2022 and beyond.

Cross-country is Volvo's off-road treatment that has been fitted on several models over the last years. The most famous of which are the V70 XC, XC70, and now the new V60 cross-country. If you want the V60 with more off-road capabilities, the cross-country treatment is the choice for you.

Here are some basics. The V60 cross-country is the lifted version of the regular V60 and thus has 210mm of ground clearance and sits 2.5 inches higher. The side of the car is plastered in plastic cladding to protect the body from scratches while going offroad. All around, the V60 cross-country looks tough and ready to go offroad. Mechanical differences include a permanent AWD system and an electronic hill descent control feature.

The V60 cross-country can do serious offroading but you sense that it is most comfortable on loose gravel roads. One large factor that characterizes the V60 cross-country is the raised suspension. This makes the car very comfortable on the road and surprisingly well balanced on gravel. You hardly know that you're traveling on gravel in the V60 cc. Traction is always maintained through the AWD system and an even wider track compared to the regular V60. Another addition is a custom offroad mode that can be switched on when you're going under 30km/h. This changes the throttle control, gearbox, and traction control to give you the most mechanical grip possible. Because the V60 cc is fitted with mild-hybrid technology, this can also be used to provide low-end torque to pull you out of tricky situations. An increased ride height also means that more rugged terrain can be conquered with more confidence. In fact, the V60 cc has the same ground clearance as a Volvo XC60 (a full fletched SUV). We tested on gravel and rough mud tracks and it can do it!

Coupled with the 2.0l turbocharged four-cylinder is a 48V mild-hybrid system that can boost the combustion engine with 14 horsepower for a total of 264 horsepower. Sadly, the V60 cross-country is not available as a Plug-In Hybrid. This model is only available with mild-hybrid technology. The reason for this is that Volvo fitted the V60 cross-country with a permanent BorgWarner (originally Haldex) all-wheel-drive system. Thus the lineup of powertrains consists of diesel or petrol 2.0l four-cylinder engines.

As with all new Volvo, the interior is simplistic but functional. We like to call it Swedish minimalism. The center console and dashboard are finished with driftwood decor. This gives the car that rugged and go-anywhere attitude. Optional is the Harman/Kardon sound system that provides an encapsulating listening experience. For 2022, Volvo will also give you the option for the Bowers & Wilkins unit, an even better choice. Since estates are supposed to be roomy, the boot provides plenty of space but one area where other estates might be better is the rear passenger space. Otherwise, the interior is a solid 10/10.

We think that the V60 cc is our preferred option for an offroading estate. There are many other variants to choose from like the VW Golf Alltrack and Audi A4 Allroad, but the V60 cc might be your best choice. It has the most character and looks so badass. You just know that a Swedish estate made for offroading is going to be fun. It's probably the most unique Volvo that we have tested to date. And you're getting something different. The big question with lifted estates always is: "why don't you just get an SUV". You're not following the trend and you have something unique to play with. You also know that you're ready to go offroad with confidence, since all these crossovers are just lifted hatchbacks. Go against the wind and pick up a V60 cc.


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