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The new 911 on Supercar-Level

Everyone thinks that the Porsche 911 is just a Porsche 911. The basic formula hasn't changed a lot over the past 60 years; the engine at the back. Porsche has made its commitment to turbocharging clear, even the normal 911 Carrera is forced-induction. Some might think that it has lost a lot of its character through this, but we can happily inform you, it still has a lot of ways to amuse you. Porsche has made the new 992 supercar-fast. The 992 Carrera 4S that we drove has 450 horsepower, and that is in a base 911 Carrera S. The new 992 Turbo has 650 horsepower.., 200 horsepower more. While the Turbo is more of a GT but can go from 0-100 km/h in 2.5 seconds, the Carrera has always been the more enjoyable and fun version of the 911. The exhaust sounds good and makes some propper crackles on downshifts and on lift-off, so they certainly haven't skipped on the sound-department. We say that the 992 is overall the best package for a car; comfortable, nimble but also as fast as most things. We can put it like this: no one will think that it's as fast as it is, but that's why it's cool because it's underrated.


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