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The Empire Strikes Back

The F-Type is a fairly new addition in the sports car segment, it only came out in 2013, while similar cars like the 911 and Corvette span half a century. The idea of a top-down sports car isn't new at Jaguar, look at the E-Type. But we are glad that Jaguar has revived its sports car for the current generation, with the F-Type. We simply thing that the F-Type is one of the best-looking cars ever made; it's striking, yet leaves a low-profile, especially in black. The F-Type throws something new into the 911 dominated world of the modern sports car. If we'd pick an F-Type, it would definitely be the convertible, it looks even better than the Coupé. But looks can be deceiving, does it drive as good as it looks? We're glad to say; Yes. Of course, a 992 is faster in every possible way but would you rather go up a mountain road in a glorified beetle or a screaming V8 monster? We have driven the new 992 and it's amazing, but the F-Type is just more fun. It screams with its 5.0litre Supercharged V8 and is certain to wake up anyone in a small town if the valves are open. We are yet to drive the lower-spec F-Types like the new four-cylinder and the V6, but can it be better than this? The V6 is probably more discreet and the four-cylinder is more of a daily-drivers car, but we've yet to find out. With new emission-regulations, the new F-Type has a soft-limiter while revving and it has valves that open over 3000 RPM's so it can be quiet in town. Some think that the insane sound of the F-Type has been killed, but it's even better than we thought. It pops and bangs gloriously between 3000 and 4000 RPM's and your neighbours are going to hate you for all the cold-starts in Dynamic-Mode, but it's absolutely worth it. You can drive it how you like it to be; nice and cosy on the highway or hard up a twisty road and the open-top experience makes it so much better. If you would ask us, it's one of the best road-cars we've ever driven, but sadly we've never driven a Ferrari, YET, so that opinion might change. Porsche has long dominated the car-world, but the brits have made something truly special here, to fight back.


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