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The Cayenne to get

We have driven a lot of Porsches already but we've never tried the Cayenne. So we were very glad when we got the green light to test one of the most interesting Cayenne's, the GTS. In the past Porsche put a V6 into all of their GTS models, but for this new generation of Cayenne they put in the glorious 4.0l twin-turbo V8. The same engine is seen in the Audi RS6, Lamborghini Urus, and Bentley Bentayga V8. The engine in the Cayenne GTS produces 460 Horsepower and an impressive 620 Nm of Torque. Although the Turbo and the Turbo S e-hybrid are faster, we think that the GTS is in the sweet spot. The Turbo and its hybridized brother are made for speed, but the GTS is made to be the best driver's car. You can feel that there is more to the car than the engine. Even though it's a huge SUV, Porsche has once more made it possible to transform this 2200kg beast into a fun and focussed car. But first, let's start with the exterior. As mentioned, it's big. But that also means that there is plenty of space on the inside. Plenty of legroom in the back and with the non-coupé version even very good headroom for all passengers. Obviously, this car won't be sent through every corner in Sport+ mode, because this car is made for bringing the kids to school and transporting your golf clubs once in a while. Its size can be a problem in town, especially when parking, but luckily we had the optional 360° cameras fitted. In front of you there is a beautiful Porsche steering wheel, plus in front of that you have five gauges. The central rev-counter and four gauges to tell you all sorts of stuff. On the outside, it's classic Cayenne. The general design architecture hasn't changed a lot since the first Cayenne but it looks modern and sophisticated. Our car had "karminrot" metallic paint so it gained a lot of attention. A flashy but smooth red paint accompanied by blacked-out details and 21" RS Spyder wheels. As most know, Porsche loves their options, and we probably had every option fitted that could've been fitted. In total, the list price for our car was close to 170'000 CHF, of which 25'000 is options. At the back, you get four exhausts that sound insane. We didn't even have the titanium sports-exhausts but we were more than happy with the "standard" quad tips. Back to the driving experience now. It's a big car no doubt, but it launches and pulls like a train! We think that anything more powerful is just overkill. After all, the GTS completes the sprint to 100km/h in just 4.2 seconds. And the sound from that 4.0l V8 is just glorious. It bellows under acceleration and pops when you lift off. A true masterpiece. You feel that the GTS is made for fun and handling. In simple words, it's sublime. The four-wheel drive system gives you confidence and even lets you get the tail out sometimes, in an SUV! Overall it's the most engaging SUV we've driven so far. The GTS gives you good looks, a fun driving experience and that important Porsche heritage. It's unmistakably a Porsche.


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