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Super Supra

There are the icons of motorsports; the legendary Ferrari F40, the Lamborghini Miura or in this case the Supra. The Supra is THE Japanese example for an icon and now it's in its fifth generation. Can it live up to the MK IV? For this generation, Toyota has collaborated with the sensible Germans at BMW to manufacture a front-engine and RWD sportscar for the mass market. BMW's idea of this is the new revised Z4, a small but comfortable GT-Roadster. Luckily the Japanese think a bit differently than the germans and have gone all out with the new Supra. JDM fans will say that it's a BMW, but well, it isn't. Of course, the main platform and especially the interior is based on the Z4 but nearly everything else has been redone by Toyota, except on one front; the engine. The 2021 Supra comes with two engine choices, a 3.0l straight-six with approximately 380 horsepower but the one we tested was the lighter and maybe more fun 2.0l four-banger with 260 horsepower. We would blame nobody for buying the four-cylinder because it's that good. We've yet to test the six-cylinder but we can't imagine it being more fun than the 2.0l. The lighter engine gives the car a more balanced feel and reminds us of the driving characteristics of the MX5, so it's a bigger MX5 brother? No, of course not, but the Supra doesn't feel out of place on a windy road, it's made for small, twisty mountain passes. The whole idea of a four-cylinder Supra may annoy some, but it encompasses the Japanese way cars are built. More isn't always better, and the prime example is the MX5 and we also think similarly about the Supra 2.0l. Sportscars nowadays are way to fast to enjoy, except if you have an Autobahn, but the Supra 2.0 isn't particularly fast but that's why it's good, you can be at the limit without any big concern. It feels manageable and controlled but still playful. If we ever get our hands on the six-cylinder we will give our verdict, but from driving the four-banger, we'd recommend going straight to the four-cylinder, makes a lovely sound as well!


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