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Last of it's kind

When is the last time you have seen an N/A V8 in a 2 door luxury-GT/Muscle-car/Sports-car Convertible. Yep, the all new 2021 Lexus LC500 Convertible is a lot of things, and we're not so sure where to put it. It's extremely comfortable, but yet makes a sound like no other car, and makes you feel so special. We put it in the luxury-muscle department, makes sense? If not, here's some context. Lexus have created a true masterpiece with the LC500. While the model is already 4 years old, Lexus now have released a convertible version. As big MX5 fans, we are really happy about that. In short, the LC500 is basically a huge MX5. Japanese, stylish, but the LC500 has double the weight, and double the cylinders. Another similarity is that they both put a huge smile on your face. Let's start with the engine. The LC500's heart is a naturally aspirated V8 with 470 horsepower and it sets the tone for the whole car. N/A V8's are so rare nowadays, that it's so refreshing to see one in action. When is the last time you heard of an N/A V8 convertible GT? Right, never. Besides the engine, the exterior and interior are one of the most refined and beautiful we have ever seen. It's modern but still classic and just lovely. The one part we're not so keen about is the infotainment, but just plug in your phone, but the top down and try to find the heated seat button. The car we had, was specced with the amazing red interior, which matched very nicely with the Dark-Granite paintwork. Just like a 911, it also has rear seats, which are absolutely not meant for people and not even your children are going to fit back there. So the LC500 is a strict two seater, which is just fine. We're pretty bummed that we had the car in the winter, while it was snowing, because the LC500 is absolutely not usable in the snow. But that's just fine, just avoid the snow and go on an open wide road, this is where the LC500 Convertible really shines. Now we get to the sound and we have to say, this is one of the best sounding cars out there. An N/A V8 has to sound good, and it sounds glorious. All you hear are eight cylinders just singing, no stupid crackles and pops, or fake pumped in audio. What you hear is a soul of a car. While the car is very big and heavy, it's one of the most alive things we've driven, in terms of being connected with the engine. The best part is, that there is no soft limiter while revving so you'll have a good time showing it to your friends. Your relationship with your neighbours might go downhill a bit, because the cold-start is absolutely bonkers. But by far the highlight of the engine, is 2nd gear. Just put your foot down on an onramp onto a highway and just let it breathe, until the revs hit off the limiter in the most insane way. No other car we know of does that. Sadly, this segment of cars is dying. And the LC500 Convertible won't sell all that good in Europe. Who wants a RWD, two-seater, petrol-addicted open-top GT? Sadly, none. The Americans will enjoy it, because if you drive this car, you'll instantly know that this thing is made for the American market. In Europe however, regulations and rules are in place, which means that manufacturers are shifting towards turbocharging and hybridisation. But even then, the open-top GT is dying. Why is the 8-series and S-class Convertible being discontinued? Because they just don't bring in anymore money. The LC500 is on the top of its game, but it also will not last long. This car will slowly die out, but we'll remember it well. It's truly the last of it's kind to keep on living through these challenging times.


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