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Jaguar goes green, and fast

The market for electric SUV‘s is probably one of the fastest growing segments out there. Maybe the normal SUV still prevailes, but the electric future will be the most important in a few years. That‘s why every big manufacturer is bringing out an electric SUV. Audi with the etron, Mercedes with the EQC and now Jaguar with the I-Pace. Out of all the electric SUV‘s it‘s probably one of the fastest. The only engine choice is a 400 Horsepower unit with a 90 KwH battery. We don‘t know how, but it only weights 2‘200 kg, 400 less than the equivalent Audi e-tron. And it‘s also much faster, completing 0 - 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds. It‘s extremely fast. It‘s range is also a realistic 400 km. We also think That the I-Pace looks really awesome. It still has some old-school Jaguar design, but with a modern twist. We quite like the look of it, much better than an EQC or a Model X. Although it's sleek, it doesn't compromise on interior space, it's excellent. The infotainment is very intuitive and really something else compared to some others. Space in the back is very good, and the boot is huge, the front boot though, only has space for the charging cables. Otherwise, there are no real complaints about the interior and stowage spaces. The car we received that the optional "carbon-pack" which added some really cool carbon-fibre touches like on the mirrors, side sills, grille and normally the wheels. We were really bummed that we had this car in the winter (while it's excellent for the winter), the winter tires didn't have the awesome carbon wheels. Maybe better, so there's nothing to damage. So, is it just another electric SUV to join the party? Kind of, but also kind of not. The main difference is that it doesn't drive like an electric car, it seriously drives like a sportscar. Jaguar somehow figured out how to make a 2.2 tonne SUV feel like a straight up fun-machine. Of course, it's no F-Type, but it's darn good. This is probably one of the most important cars Jaguar have made in recent times, since the F-Type. Because now Jaguars can appeal to everyone. Want a sports-GT, take an F-Type. Want a small but stylish SUV, have an E-Pace. And if you really want something that will stand out in your neighbourhood, take the brilliant I-Pace EV400 HSE.


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