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Green on green

In recent years a lot of small SUV's have popped up and are beginning to be very popular all over Europe. Perhaps people like the raised seating position and ground clearance. This new wave of small and compact SUV's are most often referred to as crossovers, they are a sweet spot between a full-size SUV and a traditional hatchback. Audi was one of the first to launch their crossover some years ago and it all looked very promising, the Audi Q2. The Q2 has had a mid-cycle refresh recently and we had the chance to drive it for a week. First of all, the Q2 was very good on our wallets because the fuel economy was amazing for a car of this size. We often got under 6l / 100km on the motorway and in the city combined. With the fuel-economy stuff out of the way, let's get onto the looks, probably one of the strongest points of the Q2. Its compact shape and size suit this segment of cars perfectly. Raised ride height, sporty wheels and grille as well as the optional 10'000.- Edition One package. The Edition One adds blacked-out trim on the outside, the S-Line package and more premium features on the in and outside. One of the main things about our particular Q2 was the paint. The guys at Audi did an excellent job in speccing this Q2, the colour in question is Apfelgrün, which translates to Apple-Green. The colour combined with the blacked-out trim just looked amazing, like a little Quattro rally car. The big question is if anyone really would take this thing off-road. Some Q2's don't even come with Quattro AWD. All we can say is that we took it on some dirt tracks in some woods and it did just fine, probably the toughest offroading it will ever do. This car will mostly be driven to the shops, to work or through the city, but you can have some proper fun with it. The 1.5-litre diesel four-cylinder engine with 150 Horsepower isn't as boring as you might think, it even has a "sports sound" in the settings that livens up the cabin with some pumped-in engine sound. For most people, this is enough because most people interested in this car probably aren't too interested in performance. For those people, there is a Q2 S with about 300 Horsepower. We now know why people have an appeal for crossovers, especially for the Q2. The Q2 is super stylish and practical for your everyday things. It's very easy to park and to manoeuvre in the city. Most of the cars we drive aren't for the normal person but this absolutely is. So if you need something good-looking, a bit quirky and practical, go for the Q2, the master of all crossovers.


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