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Faroese dreams

What do you think of when vacation is coming up? Probably somewhere warm and inviting but what if I told you that the desolated north was my destination of choice. The Faroe Islands is a country made up of 18 mystical windy islands in the North Atlantic. Despite only having 50'000 inhabitants, tourism is slowly starting to take off and if you've seen the pictures, you know why. The Faroe Islands offer some of the most insane weather anywhere in the world this gives you the feeling of adventure and uncertainty. We must stay on the topic of cars here, but in fact, there is a small car culture in the Faroes, especially with pick-ups and SUV's but it's still awesome to see. My choice was a basic rental car with 4x4 (you'll need it) because the roads are often full of snow and overrun with rain. If you really want a location for a car photoshoot, have fun shipping your car to the Faroes. The roads are surprisingly good and would make a perfect trip in the summer for something more sporty than a Kia...

Tórshavn is the capital and cultural centre of the Faroe Islands and one of the smallest capitals in the world.


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