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e-tron redefined

We already did our review on the Audi e-tron 55 Sportback, verdict: it's very fast, very luxurious and very large. But now Audi have upped the game with the new e-tron S. Almost everything about the e-tron S is the same as on the normal e-tron 55. Except for one fundamental thing; the power. The e-tron S has tri-motors with 503 Horsepower and 1000 NM of Torque. In fact, the e-tron S has enough power to rip your face off, it's one of the fastest SUV's, in a straight-line anyways. It has one electric motor at the front, and two electric motors in the back, so Torque-vectoring is enabled. Besides the motors, the only thing that's different is the exterior. We luckily had a very bold colour; Catalunya red. Some people said it was more orange than red, and in fact, in some lighting conditions, it looks very orange. Almost no one would spec their e-tron S in this colour but we liked it a lot. Other styling differences were the black-pack, which blacked out all the panels such as the grille and side skirts. All around it's a very sporty looking car. People stare at you when you pass them on the highway. Firstly, it's a huge RED SUV and it has no mirrors. Most people probably wonder where they went. In fact, there are little screens on the door panel to show the live camera feed of two little cameras, where the mirrors are supposed to be. To close off the looks-department, the e-tron S has huge wheels to add to the sporty look. But in the end, everyone wants to know how it drives. There might not be so much different compared to the normal e-tron, except for the power. But the power makes all the difference. The e-tron S wants you to go up to a mountain pass and to enjoy the surge of power. 0 - 100 km/h happens in just over 4 seconds, but many sources have tested it at under 4 seconds. When you launch the e-tron S, the first two seconds are worse than a roller-coaster. In fact, 0 - 60 km/h happens in 2 seconds, which is absolutely insane. It's too bad that the e-tron S weighs over 2,7 tonnes, otherwise it would be even faster. But even considering the weight, that 0 - 60 km/h figure is very impressive. It isn't Tesla Model S P100D fast, but it certainly is fast enough for most people. We thought again that the range would be a problem, but no. People always complain about the range of electric cars, but when are you really doing more than 100km in a day? The range of the e-tron S is "only" 320 km, but still, for most daily commutes, that is far enough. While testing, we had absolutely no range anxiety whatsoever. Because Switzerland is slowly getting used to the huge influx of electric cars, there are more and more charging stations. If you want to do a longer road-trip, you just have to plan in advance. And with 350kw Chargers nowadays, you can charge extremely fast while taking a break. Courtesy of Audi Switzerland, we could charge for free almost everywhere. Always nice to see manufacturers endorse their electric cars. Our verdict of the e-tron S isn't much different from the normal e-tron. Except the e-tron S is absolutely mega fast. And one other thing. While the e-tron was already quite dynamic, the e-tron S gives you that extra point in terms of enjoyment. It drives nicer, has better steering, and has better suspension for sporty driving, in short, it doesn't drive like an SUV. Of course, you feel the weight, but it's planted and confident. Now with the e-tron GT being unveiled, we are extremely excited to drive the next generation e-tron, which will be even more influencial.


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