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Civilized luxury

For once we drove something pretty civilized, the Range Rover Evoque. We “only“ got our hands on the D180 SE Diesel version. But diesel's aren‘t about horsepower, they‘re about torque, of which the Evoque has 400 NM, more than enough. It‘s probably the most comfortable car we‘ve driven because it doesn‘t feel big in cities, it drives relaxed and not overly aggressive and the interior is amazing. Normally you‘d want leather seats in a car like this but we got the vegan interior, with amazingly comfortable cloth seats and beautiful synthetic leather inserts on the dash. The Evoque is truly a driving couch if you asked us. Of course, there are more sporty versions of the new Evoque such as the P300 with a 2.0-litre petrol but we think that the “performance„ Range Rovers are reserved for the SVR line. For a Range Rover like this there doesn‘t need to be raw performance, we prefer more luxury and comfort in a car like this.


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