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Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Once in a while, even we have to see what some of the normal cars feel like because those cars are the ones most sold. These cars also have the newest technology in safety and gimmicks. So we got the chance from Audi to drive their all-new A3 Sportback for 2021 and we gladly took the offer to try something new. It's refreshing to drive a "normal" but still modern, new car because when you drive them you know why they're so popular. The average person just needs a car to get from A to B and we totally understand that, because not everyone is as car-obsessed as we are. So, the new Audi A3... we probably would start with some engine specs by now but the A3 we had was the 35 model; this trim has a 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel with 150 horsepower. While not being particularly fast, it is fun to drive. It’s very economical, so perfect for daily use. So powertrain-wise it's good, everything you'd ever need. But... it does have *some* optional extras on it. Let us give you some examples; LED-Headlights, MMI Navigation plus, Inno-Drive, S-Line Trim, Sports-suspension, turbo-blue paint and of course a handy back-up camera. In fact, this A3 probably had every single option you could tick or almost everything. The car in question had a sticker price of almost 62'000 Swiss francs (or 57'000 €), but remember it's fully specced out. It starts at a quite reasonable 36'000 Swiss francs. With all the technology packed in this little car, there's a lot to discover. Firstly, not technology related, the paint. It's called "turbo-blue" and it looks really cool in the sunlight and the S-Line trim adds some pretty cool styling elements to the front and rear, almost looking like the S-version of the A3. Audi has some cool matrix LED headlights for the A3, with technology to dim the high-beams if an oncoming driver is coming towards you. On the inside, it's all just usual Audi. The virtual cockpit is one of the best in the industry, everything is neatly laid out and easy to find. When you're cruising along the highway you get assisted by a huge variety of electrionic assistans already known from various upper class models from the Volkswagen group. It makes driving from A to B even easier and more relaxing.

And this is what cars like these are all about, commuting comfortably, making weekend trips in style and make a long distance trip once a year without spending your entire vacation budget on fuel

By the way, we had the Sportback version (a fancy Audi-term) that basically means that it has five doors and more space in the back and there is certainly space in the back for some average-sized people. So the A3 is everything Audi stands for; neat, good looking and efficient. We'd love to see the other side of Audi though; rally heritage and even better looks! We're really looking forward to driving some more Audi-products in the future. But it's nice to drive something "normal" once in a while.


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