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Back to the 90's

Some Porsche enthusiasts might say that the 993 generation of the 911 is the last "real" 911. There's certainly something to say for that, the 993 is just as, if not more engaging than the current 911 models. Its air-cooled engine loves to rev and delivers about 280 horsepower, which is more than enough. We had the automatic version, which may seem utterly out of place, but it was fun seeing what it was like back in the day. The manual would've been much more preferred by us, but you don't always get what you want. We drove the 993 up into the hills and mountains of canton Saint Gallen, which gave us some scenic views and amazing driving roads. It might not be the fastest or best to drive, but we think that the 993 experience is something you won't get in any other car. Maybe it is the last real 911...


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